Email Marketing Solutions

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Email Marketing Software

Today one of the best Internet marketing resources is electronic mail and email marketing becomes a need every business. Everybody knows that email marketing can be promote their business, increase business revenue, and engage new customers.

If you think email marketing is only about spamming and all email marketing tools are nothing but spamming softwares, you are WRONG! The reality, however, is that the right way of email marketing is to reach prospective customers who want to know about your products, services and latest offers by email, and EmailProgen tools help you do exactly that.

Email Magic - E-mail Marketing made easy

Email Magic Web Based Email Marketing software helps for targeted email marketing to grow your business.

Features of Email Magic

  • Anywhere access
  • Readymade Templates
  • Unsubscribe option is available
  • Mailing Lists management
  • Manage List by Sender
  • Multi User Option Availabe