PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising ensures that your company is seen first. PPC advertising is the most effective way of reaching your customers. Its referred to as paid online advertising in which advertiser pays to the search engines like Google or Yahoo for per click or every visitor that they get.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC Management)

Successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns offer amazing returns and brand-building opportunities. But every campaign needs careful management. Close attention should be paid to changing markets, bid wars get very heated and it pays to keep advert copy constantly adjusting. It takes time, and a whole lot of knowledge to get it right.

This is where we come in! Our PPC campaign managers continually monitor your bids, advertisements, competition and tweak your PPC campaign settings so that you get the most sales at the least cost. PPC or Pay Per Click is accepted as the integral component of an online marketing campaign. This is a new age promotion technique that assists your business to reach a wider audience in a much shorter time span. Pay Per Click Marketing is an essential tool in the success of an Online Business. Google Adwords is a PPC service, which provides overwhelming responses to business outputs. This helps to reach the target audience in an effective manner. Virgo Technologies is one of the leading Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Company in Delhi (India) offering amazing PPC packages for google.com and yahoo.com at wonderful prices.

Pay-per-Click (PPC) for Google called as Google AdWords, For Yahoo called as Search Marketing / Yahoo Ads.

PPC/Pay Per Click Advantages:

  • PPC is highly cost effective (can produce 3000% return on investment)
  • Unlimited Scope of keywords to Target.
  • We can Set Daily and Monthly Budget.
  • You can Target Your ads in any Country/City
  • Through PPC Prospective Visitors will come to your website, this will improve your business.
  • When visitor comes to your Website then only you need to pay.
  • PPC is direct market access - limited competition for eyeballs.
  • PPC is highly effective in controlling market saturation (out of inventory - immediate ads drop).
  • Easy implementation: PPC advertisement is an effective model and is easily implemented. PPC ads don't require any modifications on the website and hence are an effective search engine marketing model for sites which are architecturally difficult to modify for SEO.
  • Language Specification PPC advertisers can choose the language in which they want the ads to appear. The following options are given to the advertiser: Take options from Google.

Virgo Technologies' Pay-Per-Click campaigns offer:

Keyword Mining and Copywriting: We make sure that we produce an exhaustive list of the relevant search terms, accompanied by effective copy for each term, to give your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign the best possible start.

Landing Page Optimization: It's critical to ensure that once web users click through to your site from a search, they find exactly what they want, and - most importantly - buy it. Virgo Technologies will help you maximize your conversion rate.

Account Management: By creating and managing your search engine accounts, we can help to increase your advertising return - giving you more time to focus on running your business.

Shopping and Price Comparison Engines: Offering great prices is only beneficial to your business if potential customers are made aware of them. Virgo Technologies ensures that your products and services are displayed on shopping comparison sites to showcase how price competitive you are.

Tracking and Reporting: We monitor every click through and offer you detailed reports at all times, resulting in a clear and accountable campaign. Our 'Open Book' policy also means you can access all your accounts continually.